high temperature silicone, silicone medical tubing

Boiling silicone tubing is an easy task but at the same time can turn out to be very difficult. This usually happen if the process is not done correctly. There are many reasons why silicone tubes are can be boiled top on the list is to sterilize them. Let’s start by touching on the various uses of silicone tubing. In the modern society, there are many industries that use silicone. Its use started long time ago. This martial has got many applications in the modern society. Currently there are numerous devices that we use in our daily life made of silicone. Some of these items include home and electrical appliances, medical devices etc.Amongst the top industries that greatly benefits from silicone include medicine, engineering, manufacturing and hose dealing in reproduction of machine parts. Silicone tubing is largely used in brewing industries. Of course there are alternatives such as copper pipes but silicone still remains the most preferred in many industries. This is due to its many advantages that stem from its natural properties. Silicone tubing is also becoming very popular due to its affordability.  Most industries are looking for tubing materials that is quite affordable and within the limits of their budget. It is the most preferred tubing material in the modern society.Boiling is the most preferred method of treating or sterilizing silicone tubing. This is because silicone has natural property that allows it to stand against high temperatures and pressure. Although silicone tubing looks flimsy, they have high ability to withstand high level of pressure and temperature. Sterilizing silicone tubing by boiling is not a complex task though. You can start by choosing the correct type of silicone tubing to be boiled. There are different types of silicone tubing and they may require slight different approach when boiling. In general, most silicone tubes are boiled by subjecting them to the boiling point which is about 212 degrees Fahrenheit.Accurately boiling the silicon medical tube at temperature of about 212 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to sterilize it. However, this must be done correctly as incorrect boiling may ruin the tube thus cannot be used or subsequently create real mess. Start by choosing a pot that is big enough to accommodate the entire silicone tubing. Then fill the pot with water and set it on fire. The pot should be filled with water to ensure that the silicone tubes are completely submerged. You should also confirm the temperature rating of the silicone tube. This is usually found on the package for high temperature silicone.You need to confirm the heat rating so that the tubes are not overheated as that can substantially damage them. Most of them have heating rating of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, drop your silicone tubing in the boiling water. Ensure that they are fully covered with water and continue boiling for about 2 to 5 minutes. Afterwards you can remove the silicone tubing from water and let then cool in readiness for use. This is enough to sterilize the tubes and make them ready for use.

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