The world is being inundated with the word green. But this truly is a good thing. We need to be conscious of everything that affects our planet. Companies must implement a green cleaning policy if they want to qualify for LEED certification or even re-certification. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is fast becoming the champion of green. A company has to decide if they are going to go with traditional products for cleaning or use products that are more environmentally safe or eco-friendly.

You can’t be a friend to the environment one day, get your LEED certification and then go back to your old chemical laden products the next. The standards of LEED ask that suppliers be up front about the chemicals used in their products, and ask them to provide certified, safe alternative products. It seems that under the current U.S. regulations the cleaning product suppliers are not required to fully disclose the chemicals in their products. More stringent criteria need to be implemented to raise the bar in this regard.

With more and more construction sites wanting their projects to be environmentally safe, LEED certification needs people to be trained and able to go on the sites and help cut down on not only accidents, but deaths as well. That is the brother-training program to LEED, and the field is growing everyday as another new way to help our planet becomes a project and needs knowledgeable people to head it up. More and more of this planet is being used to house humanity residentially or commercially.

The old way of doing things is slowly but surly becoming obsolete. If it hurts the planet it is almost being outlawed. The eco-friendly train is moving and there are a bunch of us jumping on. This is the only planet we have, so we really do need to take care of it in what ever way we can. Not to mention what the chemicals do to our drinking water and to ourselves. There are other ways to do things and the alternatives are there if people choose to look, and use.

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